Ethical AI Network

The Ethical ML Network (BETA) is a global network of volunteers consisting of engineers, scientists, managers, leaders and thinkers that align on the 8 principles for responsible development of machine learning, and support the 4 phases towards responsible development of AI. The network is currently on BETA, so if you want to join you can submit a request in the form below. This network is relevant if you are:

  • An AI startup/scale-up founder building machine learning solutions
  • An industry professional looking to procure, develop or interact with AI systems
  • A professor or academic doing research related to AI, Data, Privacy and/or ML.
  • An engineer designing, building or maintaining machine learning systems
  • A data scientist performing analysis on big data or building statistical models
  • A product, project or delivery manager involved in any stage of a ML system lifecycle

The "Ethical ML Network (BETA)" is a play on words which reinforces our core ethos. We believe that the only machine learning network that can be induced with ethics in practical industrial usecases is one made out of responsible and aligned humans who advocate for best practices during the design and development of machine learning systems. This is reinforced in each one of the Machine Learning Principles.

The members of the Ethical AI Network contribute to the open source workstreams at the institute, which include our 8 Principles for Responsible ML, the AI RFX Framework, and our open source libraries and frameworks

Current members include:

Lina Stankovik Senior Lecturer University of Strathclyde
Geeta Chauhan AI Practice Head SVSG
Jens dittrich Profesor Saarland University
Jack Stilgoe Associate Professor UCL
Oswaldo Baez Chief Data Architect Banco de Mexico
Radhaprem Ramaraj UK Cabinet Office Deputy Director
Ari Kamlani Principal Tech Leader ThoughtWorks / Skymind
David Fagnan Director of Applied Science Zillow Group
Kate Carruthers Chief Data Officer University of South Wales
Ramin Vatanparast Chief Product Officer Trustpilot
Prasenjeet Bhattacharya Global R&D Lead NN Investment Partners
Narayanan Subramaniam Senior Staff Architect Nutanix
Drake Pruitt Vice President Anaconda Inc
Detlef Nauck Chief Research Scientist for Data Science BT
Adrian Gonzalez-Martin Machine Learning Engineer Seldon
Waheeda Ali Director AI Controls & Advisory Scotiabank
James Gibson Chief Legal Counsel Nevada Council
Hirsham Abdulhalim Staff AI PM Intuit
Promod Radhakrishnan Group VP Oracle
Angel Castro Martinez Senior ML Engineer Deutsche Telekom
Steven Kuyan Director NYU
Sarah Rench Director of AI Avande
Janis Klaise Head of Data Science Engineering Seldon
Alessandra Sala Head of Analytics Research Nokia Bell Labs
Maite Trujillo European Space Agency Programme Manager
Stacey King Sr. Business & Technical Leader Amazon
Magdalena Lis Head of ML & Data Factmata
Dheeraj Awasthy Head of Analytics HSBC
Fakhreddine Aouadi Head of Innovation Unit European Parliament
Erol Gelenbe Professor Polish Academy of Sciences
Lisa Harrington Non-Exec Post Office
Rodica Costea Transformation Programme Director HSBC
Ed Shee Head of Developer Relations Seldon Technologies
Sam Beni Head of Innovation Tech Nation
Daniel Woolf Head of Business Intelligence HSBC
Tracy Moore GM Data Strategy Xero
Ling Liu Professor Georgia Institute of Technology
Gary Marchant Professor Arizona State University
Ghazi Ahamat Senior Policy Advisor Centre for Data Ethics & Innovation
Meltem Kilicoglu Senior Director VMWare
Tania Sourdin Dean University of Newcastle
CP Duggal Executive VP American Express
Srikanth Rama Director Johnson & Johnson
Sarthak Banerjee Vice President Tata Group
Toju Duke ML Fairness Programme Manager Google
Christin Williams Head of Global Ethics Metlife
Diane Reynolds Divisional Risk Officer SEB
Pedro Bizarro Chief Science Officer Feedzai
Foutse Khomh Associate Professor Polytechnique Montreal
Kim Rees Head of Data Experience Design Capital One
Owen King Senior Lecturer in Philosophy University of Twente
Chris Howard CTO Data, Analytics & AI Amazon Web Services
David Rowe-Francis Head of AML HSBC
Clara Crompton Deputy General Counsel Australian Government
Olfa Nasraoui Professor and endowed Chair of e-commerce University of Louisville
Nicole Rigillo Research Fellow Element AI
Robina Shaheen Research scientist UC SanDiego
Mark Hines Senior Counsel Royal Bank of Canada
James Campbell CTO Printt
Josephine Young Lead Consultant Methods
Ben Caulfield CEO Eedi
Patricia Charlton Senior Lecturer Open University
Anthony Ng Course Manager NYP
Richard Tomsett Emerging Technology Specialist IBM UK
Arturo Serrano-Santoyo Principal Researcher CICESE Research Center
Ryan Dawson Principal Data Engineer Thoughtworks
Arnold Taylor Assistant Professor of Statistics University of Richmond
Rafael Silva Professor UFAL
James Kingston Senior AI Researcher CognitionX
Tom Sorell Professor University of Warwick
Maria Burke Faculty Head of Research University of Winchester
Madeleine Forster Legal Officer (Protection) United Nations Relief and Works Agency
Federica Nocera Senior Software Engineer & DS Microsoft
Sophie Desroseaux Chief Marketing Officer Ekimetrics
Photini Vrikki Research Fellow Brunel University London
Amit Malhotra Vice President Accenture
Marie Sbrocca Lead Experience Researcher Airbnb
Porter Merriman Assistant General Councel Autodesk
Melissa McCullough Non-Executive Director Health and Social Care Board
Annette Markham Professor Aarhus University
Radovan Kavicky President GapData Institute
Graham Hunt Senior Manager CapGemini
Lara Strauss Director, Ethics & Deputy GC Intuit
Steven Chan Senior Cloud Solutions Architect Microsoft
John Buyers Partner Osborne Clarke
Akram Dweikat Head of ML Daemon Solutions
Vasileios Karagiannopoulos Senior Lecturer in Law and Cybercrime University of Portsmouth
Fahim Sachedina Growth Manager Global App Testing
Charles Andrews Self
Allison Gardner Teaching Fellow / Founder Keele University / Women Leading in AI
Tom McGinn Associate Cooley LLP
Gavin James Self
Jerome Solis Self
Alla Kos Self
Tom Ewing Self
Vadim Toader CEO Proportunity
Dev Amratia CEO nPlan
Raphael Scheps CEO Converge
Zoheb Iqbal Self
Adam Kosiorek Self
Lisa Gray Blackmeteor Founder
Waleed Khoury Director Civitem
Karen Bennet Self
Vincent Müller University Fellow University of Leeds
Andrew Burgess Director AJBurgess Ltd
Wayne Mcquoid Director Financial services
Nigel Winship Self
Brendan Harkin Director X Media Lab
Anand Rao Director People Matter Technology Ltd
Christopher Bull CTO
Mark Round Lead Data Scientist Vivace/ACE
Chantel Spencer-Bowdage Full stack engineer Memrise
Maria Axente AI programme driver PwC
Umre Ashish Head of Artificial Intelligence AXA
John Havens Executive Director. N/A - As a consultant
Emilia Tantar Self
Behzad Samadi Self
fabio rosa computational scientist King's College London
John Clarke Engineer NA
Joost van der Burgt Senior Policy Advisor Dutch Central Bank
Diego Oppenheimer CEO Algorithmia
Beth West Director Landsec
Lucy Yu Director of policy FiveAI
Alex Housley CEO Seldon
Danial Choudhury Engineering Manager Babylon
Iarla Kilbane-Dawe Lead ESA Accelerator
Donald Whyte Senior Engineer Engineers Gate
Tom McGinn Associate Cooley
Ansgar Koene Senior Academic Fellow University of Nottingham
Benoit Bergeret Co-founder Hub France IA
Matt Abrams GP Seven Peaks Ventures
Alexsis Wintour CEO HumAIn Resources
Fatos Ismali Data Architect Microsoft / ThinkGradient
Martin de heaver Director Orbit RRI
Megan Elliott Director Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Francesca Gaudino Partner BKer McKenzie
Hezron Rickets Executive Vice President th3rdcurve ltd
Noel Tagoe Self
Hessie Jones Self
Paul Tidman Self
Mahdi Shariff Cofounder Guanxi.AI
Loretta Cambron Data Scientist Crowe
Marco Bertani-Økland Principal engineer Computas AS
Eleanor Watson Chairman EthicsNet
Chris Donnan CTO Tyler Capital
Christine Henry Self
Mickael Fine Manager na
Eric Barbier Principle System Safety Engineer Ricardo UK Ltd
John Matthias Court Management Consultant National Center for State Courts
Jesus Ramos Chief Talent Officer Datank
Caroline Stockman Senior Lecturer University of Winchester
Steven Casey Data science platform architect Groupon
Baptiste Beaume Head of Data Science and Data Governance Covea
Shaohua Yang PhD Student Michigan State University
Saher Esmeir Researcher DRW
Baghdad Gherras Data Science and AI Head Currently working in a NeoBank in Dubai (UAE)
Reza Jarral Clinical Doctor NHS and New Zealand Healthboard
Sankar Sivarajah Reader in technology management University of bradford
Adnan Masood Chief Architect - AI and Machine Learning UST Global
Nathalie Birt n/a n/a
Anwesh Roy VP Coviam
Prabhakar Krishnamurthy Senior Director of Research Verizon Media
Mauricio Marcos Marcos CIO Ministerio de Desarrollo Social de Chile
Wayne Holmes Assistant Professor and university lead for AI and Education The Open University
Zahir Irani Dean University of Bradford
Patrick Uzuwe Software Developer NHS Wales Informatics Service
Michael Birtwistle Policy Adviser Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation
Febria Dwi Program Coordinator Technology
Ola Ahmad AI Research and Technology Lead Thales
Miranda Leung Senior consultant law firm
Jesus Ramos CEO AI x Social Wealth
Shachindra Nath Managing Director Affective Systems Plc
Alex Blainer Sánchez Sánchez Solution Analyts everis Perú SAC
Michael Natusch Global Head of Ai Prudential
Gabriel Campero Durand Researcher, PhD Candidate University of Magdeburg
Dutta Debalina Researcher Massey University
Julia Jenal junior data scientist Assured Consulting Solutions
Antoine Qian Data Scientist Shift Technology
Ashutosh Modi Researcher The Walt Disney Company
Molly Mahar Senior Product Designer (AI + Intelligent Systems) Salesforce
Alain Lesaffre Lead Data Scientist Accenture
Florian Gouin Chief data architect Hsbc
Sarit Seal Principal Architect Cognizant