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Issue #144
This week we celebrate fantastic milestones 🚀
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This week in Issue #144:
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We are thrilled to announce the v0.8.0 Release of the Kompute Project, which continues to work towards advancing the cross-vendor GPU acceleration ecosystem. This release includes several achievements including the 500 Github Star Milestone, Edge-Device Support, CNN Implementations, Variable Types, MatMul Benchmarks, Binary Optimisations and more 🚀
A fascinating paper by Google researchers that provides an in-depth intuition on the dangerous impacts of "quick wins" in long term machine learning technical debt.
This article provides an intuition on why and how neural networks have been adapted to leverage the structure and properties of graphs. It explores the components needed for building a graph neural network - and provide the motivations the design choices behind them.
An interesting project that aims to provide scalable, minimalistic and homogeneous implementations of major Neural Network architectures in pure Python/Numpy with the main purpose to serve as an educational tool that can be adopted for building a practical intuition on foundational key concepts in deep learning
Paypal shares their experience throughout their journey adopting GraphQL, including their motivations, initial steps, scaling best practices and tangible results.
The topic for this week's featured production machine learning libraries is GPU Acceleration Frameworks. We are currently looking for more libraries to add - if you know of any that are not listed, please let us know or feel free to add a PR. The four featured libraries this week are:
  • Vulkan Kompute - Blazing fast, lightweight and mobile phone-enabled GPU compute framework optimized for advanced  data processing usecases.
  • CuPy - An implementation of NumPy-compatible multi-dimensional array on CUDA. CuPy consists of the core multi-dimensional array class, cupy.ndarray, and many functions on it.
  • Jax - Composable transformations of Python+NumPy programs: differentiate, vectorize, JIT to GPU/TPU, and more
  • CuDF - Built based on the Apache Arrow columnar memory format, cuDF is a GPU DataFrame library for loading, joining, aggregating, filtering, and otherwise manipulating data.
If you know of any libraries that are not in the "Awesome MLOps" list, please do give us a heads up or feel free to add a pull request
As AI systems become more prevalent in society, we face bigger and tougher societal challenges. We have seen a large number of resources that aim to takle these challenges in the form of AI Guidelines, Principles, Ethics Frameworks, etc, however there are so many resources it is hard to navigate. Because of this we started an Open Source initiative that aims to map the ecosystem to make it simpler to navigate. You can find multiple principles in the repo - some examples include the following:
If you know of any guidelines that are not in the "Awesome AI Guidelines" list, please do give us a heads up or feel free to add a pull request!
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